Nov 29, 2008

A New leaf


There’s a new leaf upon the Tree
A thousand, thousand have been before
In the life of this great tree
Yet, the Tree rejoices, and is glad
For there is a New Leaf upon the tree

The roots are deep, and hidden
Tis one tree from root to branch
And lives in and through each leaf
The hearts’ smile resurrected
Through the New leaf upon the tree

Beauty, Truth, and life
Complete from root to branch
When life’s cycle turns
Leaves fall to nourish roots
And behold, a New leaf upon the tree
-Adrian Wait-


sophia said...

Just dropping by to say hi. You got a good sense of composing pictures =)

Stanley said...

Hei there! Thanks for dropping by. Keep it going with the shots.

iriz said...

wow, i love it.
really love shots like this.
more! ;)

take care!;)

KOSTAS said...

Amazing post with marvellous poem and beautiful sunset!

Cm Shakeer said...

Stunning Shot. Great work.

(but the emblems and names are really distracting from proper vision.)

humanobserver said...

A beautiful photograph and a nice poem....

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi KMF :)

Your photo is a real visual treat and the poetry very meaningful.

Thanks for sharing.

Have a nice day :)

Helena Paixão said...

So much beauty in a single photo!

The poem matches perfectly with the photo. Good choice.

Anonymous said...

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lin said...


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