May 6, 2008

Precious as a child


nothing should be
more precious
than a child
nothing should be more
contagious than a smille
of a child
nothing should be
more cared of
than a child
nothing should be more
hugged with affection
than a child
tell me stranger
what is more beautiful and precious
than any dear child

-Mencita Monoi Angel -


Anonymous said...

Words of truth and wisdom with an amazing photo!

Amrita said...

children are so carefee and innocent. Good shot there

monsoon-dreams said...

seems like u've been taking snaps of kids on ur vacation.i liked the innocence in her smile and the poem too.

dot said...

Just plain good!

Which Main? What Cross? said...

priceless smile. well captured

GMG said...

Hi kmf! Great shot!
Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter, where I’m still around Rabat, but preparing to move to Casablanca… ;))
Hope you have a great weekend!

Rui Caetano said...


CaracolQuisCol said...

right! there's nothing more beautiful! t'care!

Gata Verde said...

Lovely smile!!!


krystyna said...

Beautiful written and great photo!

Best wishes for you!

Dick said...

Great post, touching.

ശ്രീ said...


mencitamonoi said...

I am Mencita Monoi and very happy that you used this kind of beautiful smiling touches me as I was born in Asia and this child looks alot like my nieces ...thanks to you ....

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