Feb 11, 2008

Fasalu Rahman,


He is my friends Faslurahman from kerala woriking with me here(Dubai).


Joy said...

Was he happy to have his photo taken? :)

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Enjoy your week ahead.

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quintarantino said...

Tell him I say hi!
I guess you caught him by surprise, no?

dot said...

Nice picture of your friend and I think I see YOU in the side bar!

Luke said...

I say Hi too!
interesting shot!

Marie said...

Your photos are very beautiful!

Shionge said...

Oh..nice to meet your friend ~ Hello! :D

mingo said...

Nice picture. Regards!

K M F said...

Thanks to all and i will convey your regards to him

krystyna said...

Best wishes to you and to your friend!

Amrita said...

Say hello to your friend. Nice photo

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