Apr 16, 2007

Every moment with you


I love to see you smile
In the lone summer of light
And hold you oh so close
Underneath the stars at night
But there is just one thing
Darling through and through
Forever I will cherish
Every moment with you
You don't need to speak
Or even make a sound
For I'm so lost in your love
Whenever you're around
One look in your eyes
Shows your love so true
I'm so thankful for
Every moment with you


krystyna said...

lovely, beautiful photo! You are talented, young man. And very touching poem.
Thanks for sharing. Keep up your great work!
Good luck to you!

Ash said...

Sweet portrait!

kate said...

lovely photo (you mentioned in your bio that we shouldnt hesitate to criticize... well the only thing that struck me odd here was where you signed it. It really distracted me. Just my opinion though. I loved the poem as well.. you seem wise for your years! =]

Cuckoo said...

Lovely pictures on your blog.

And thanks for dropping by my blog.

Keep coming.

watchthis said...

nice picture KMF

Keshi said...

What a cutey!


Chad Oneil said...

Good shot.

Deepak Gopi said...

Nice shot & u r a good poet too.
thnx for the greetings.
May I pls know your good name.
great work .All the best

Sandrine said...

Great blog, it was nice to vistit...

Anonymous said...


joel dousset said...

Beautiful portrait.

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